Treating Heart Failure in Adults with Congenital Heart Disease: Heart Transplant

From: Mayo Clinic News Network

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Joining us today to discuss heart transplant in patients with congenital heart disease (CAD) is Mauricio A. Villavicencio Theoduloz, M.D., associate professor of surgery and Director of Heart and Lung Transplant at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Tune in to learn more about the surgical approach to heart transplant in patients with CAD.

 Specific topics discussed:
• Are we seeing more and more of these patients?
• What do you say to patients and families the first time you’re meeting them to discuss the
possibility of transplant?
• When is the timing right and who is the ideal candidate for transplant? Can you explain who is likely
to benefit from transplant?
• Can you explain heart after liver transplant and why we go in that direction and why are we now
doing that here at Mayo Clinic?

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