A lot of time friends and family members taking care of a loved one are looking to satisfy an insurance requirement with the hope that they can receive compensation. And, most insurance companies will require that the family member or friend acquire caregiver certification in order obtain compensation.

Checking with the Insurance Company

Individual insurance policies and coverage varies, and what the particular insurance will require from you will also vary. You will always want to check with your loved one’s insurance company to see if compensation is possible, and if so, what is required to apply for compensation. Regardless of what the insurance company requires on the insurance side of things, the ACA always recommends that you acquire your caregiver certificate with us.

The ACA and Insurance Companies

Because the American Caregiver Association is the national certifying organization for caregivers many insurance companies will refer the family member or friend to the ACA to obtain certification. And, while the American Caregiver Association offers a number of caregiver certification options what we usually suggest are two things for the family member when they are looking to obtain their caregiver certification, they are: the National Caregiver Certification Course (NCCC) and your caregiver ID card.  You can get both of these items through our Online Store right here on our website.

Be Prepared When You Contact the Insurance Company

We strongly recommend that prior to contacting your loved one’s insurance company that you prepare for the phone call by compiling a list of potential questions for the insurance company. This will typically make your conversation with the insurance organization go a bit smoother and lesson the possibility that after you hang up the phone with the insurance company that you have that moment where you say to yourself, “I forgot to ask…” It’s all about preparation, so take your time preparing for the call. In the meantime, pick up the National Caregiver Certification Course and your ID card through our Online Store, and don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

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