American Caregiver Association Moves to WordPress

Greetings to all! After many years on a great website platform the national certifying body for caregivers has moved to WordPress! The move was prompted by a need for more functionality in order to better serve our students and those making inquiries into caregiver certification with the American Caregiver Association.

The move to WordPress allows us to more actively engage those who are visiting our website through our new chat widget and overall look. We also have a smoother checkout process with Woo Commerce that is more secure and offers customers a faster checkout than our previous platform.

This move was long overdue and we are finally happy to share it with you. We appreciate all of the feedback from all of the wonderful hard working caregivers that have provided us with their terrific suggestions over the years; many of which into the development of the new website. In so doing, we tried (as suggested) to keep some of the elements of the old website, particularly with regard to the ease of use and overall intuitiveness.

Finally, we would like to thank GoDaddy Professional Web Services for their tireless hard work and diligent efforts to deliver a professional and more functional website for our students. Their support has been superb. As part of getting the word out about our new website we would like to provide the new links to our many caregiver courses and discounted caregiver certification bundle options, they are as follows:

National Caregiver Certification Course (NCCC):

Advanced National Caregiver Certification Course (ANCCC):

National Assisted Living Manager Certification Course (NALMCC):

Certificate of Caregiver Leadership (Level 1):       

Certificate of Caregiver Personal Development (Level 1):       

Certificate of Caregiver Ethics (Level 1):

Super Certification Bundle (Our Most Popular Caregiver Bundle) that includes the NCCC, ANCCC, NALMCC and Membership:

Platinum Plus Bundle (PPB) which includes:

  • National Caregiver Certification Course (NCCC)
  • Advanced National Caregiver Certification Course (ANCCC)
  • National Assisted Living Manager Certification Course (NALMCC)
  • Certificate of Caregiver Ethics Level 1 Course (CCEL1)
  • Certificate of Caregiver Personal Development (CPDL1)
  • Certificate of Caregiver Leadership (CCLL1)
  • Start Your Own Caregiver Service Business Guide
  • ACA Membership
  • Caregiver ID Card
  • National Caregiver Registry (NCR) status
  • Fulfills All Course Requirements for Master Caregiver Certification (MCC)

This is our largest bundle and gives you everything you need with respect to caregiver certification.

Once again, thank you to all who helped with or make suggestions about how we could improve our website. As the leader in caregiver training and certification in the United States and around the globe, the American Caregiver Association wishes everyone a healthy and prosperous 2019.

The ACA Care Team